Rainbow’s End (The Eden Series Book 1)

Throughout the centuries there have always been some people that have been separated from the rest of society, and deemed less human then the rest. Many different groups of people have held this dubious distinction. Blacks, orientals, Jews, Irish, and gays are all people that society has placed on the bottom of social standing.

It is the year 2015 in an America not that different from our own gays are at the top of the list of social outcasts in America. Basic human rights such as marriage, adoption, and police protection are died or simply ignored. The past wars and bigotry of past leaders has left gays with no real sense of safety or well being in a country that says, “All men are created equal.” There is no liberty and there is no justice for gays.

As terrible as what is being done to LGBT people in America is there is another atrocity that has occurred. The governments of the world have ignored the pleas of a dying alien species called the Grays for over half a century.

The Grays are an ancient race. They have unbelievably long life spans, and are dying of their own survival tactic. The long life spans caused them to have fewer children to keep from over taxing the resources. In the last generation the young are so genetically similar that they can’t reproduce. They need a fresh genetic source and the humans are their last hope.

The Grays are forced to go to the news reporters to make first contact. They ask for humans to go with them to a new world to start a new life, and help them have a new generation. With the help of a unique and dynamic woman named Tarry Milkwood the Grays work to recruit people from around the world who need a fresh start in a place free from degradation and bigotry.

In America Gays are among the largest group of people to go. Tarry Milkwood is a lesbian, but has no interest in leaving the only home she knows. Her world is torn apart when she falls in love with a desperate and lonely woman who has to go with the Grays to save her life. Tarry must choose between the woman she loves and the life she knows. With the guidance and compassion of her best friend Barry Marks she must find a way to save the life of a young brilliant woman with no where else to turn.