Rescuing Grace (Cleigh Book 1)

Cleigh’s work as a public defender kept him busy. And his granddaughter Grace was never one to clamor for attention. So he’d lost track of what she’d been doing for the past few years. He didn’t know that she had been investigating a secretive government research project until she got taken into custody by the NSA under the Patriot Act. When he got her call for help he dropped everything to go to her to do what he could to get her released,
It turns out he could do quite a bit. The name Cleigh was an alias. You’ve heard of him under a different name. You know one or two stories about him, three or four if you’re a scholar. But you’ve never heard them from his point of view before. Here finally is a chance to hear some of those stories from an eyewitness. And he doesn’t tell them quite the way you’ve heard them. Hear his side of things and decide for yourself which version you believe,