RIDING THE RAILS THROUGH MOROCCO – NORTH TO SOUTH: This book will provide you with the knowledge to travel by…

By following me through Morocco, you will learn about riding the trains in Morocco. When I first thought about riding the rails is Morocco, it seemed kind of overwhelming to me. I did not know what to expect, where to get tickets, or where I could go. Therefor, I wrote this book to make it easier for those travelers that would like to see Morocco by train, but do not know how to do so.

On my first trip to Morocco, I flew round trip from Marrakech to Casablanca for a day trip. Getting to and from Casablanca by airplane took more time than I got to spend visiting the city. For my next visit I did not want to spend all my time airports. I wanted to see the Country, have time to enjoy the sites and experience Morocco.

When I started planning a second trip to Morocco, I had no idea what to expect, where to start, or where to go. So I began to research for my trip. My friends Larry and Patty, who had previously visited Morocco, shared their experiences, places to visit and most of all influenced me to be adventurous and plan my own unique tour of Morocco. While Larry and Patty traveled on a guided, I noticed that I could travel to many of the places they visited using the Moroccan National Railways Office, Office National des Chemins de Fer du Maroc (ONCF). I did not use a guide either.

I started my research anew after considering the things I learned from Larry and Patty. For train schedules and prices, I used the ONCF website (http://www.oncf.ma). It is written in French, but it is pretty easy to find things. After studying schedules, making hotel reservations, and airline reservations, I was ready to go.

My rail trip, described in this book, was a real adventure. It was a safe and easy trip, made more enjoyable by interacting with the friendly Moroccan people along the way.

My hope is this book will inspire the reader to plan his or her own unique trip by rail through Morocco.