Rise of the State: Pandemic Dawn: Book Two

Pandemic Dawn Book One took readers on a suspenseful journey of conflict with romance and loyalty. Readers could not put this page-turner down and were eagerly awaiting the second book in this science fiction series. Wait no more; Rise of the State is being released late October, 2011.

Rise of The State jumps right in with Taylor continuing to look for his son with the help of Tia, his female companion whom he rescued from the slave trade. After finding a safe-haven for the children who were salves with Tia, they continue their journey to locate Taylor’s son.

The only form of government left since the cleansing is at war within its ranks as one general decides to take control of the entire force, activating combat-bots to secure the control of the entire world, while another fights to maintain the traditional roles of the military force as an aid to a government which no longer exists.

Rise of the State will keep readers on the edge of their seat. Will Taylor find his son? Will Dr. Torrey find a cure for the virus, which continues to kill millions? Give in to the temptation to get Rise of the State. Grab this novel and prepare to be taken on a journey into the science fiction world that will keep you asking for more.