Sailing The Waterhouse: South Until the Butter Melts

“Sail south until the butter melts” is an old mariner saying meant to aid

sailors crossing the Atlantic from Europe. When the butter started to melt,

which was south of the Canary Islands, they would make their heading

west to catch the northeast tradewinds. This guided the tall ships to new


Modern day sailors have the luxury of technology to guide them

around the world, and many make the attempt. My husband, Kelly and I

(Kelly Girl) started our world adventure from Everett, Washington with

a nine-day passage down the West Coast to San Francisco. To say the

voyage was easy would be a lie. It was some of the worst weather we

experienced and happened to be our first time sailing in the open ocean.

To say technology guided us through the gale-like conditions would

be true; however technology cannot abate fear when a boat slides down a

cresting wave, or teach a sailor the skill needed to sail in heavy weather. It

takes experience and a bit of courage, both of which we had fine-tuned on

our voyage.

Sailing The Waterhouse South Until the Butter Melts starts in Mexico

and shares the tales of our 35,000 nautical-mile voyage and visiting thirty

countries, while exposing our mistakes, fears and triumphs. It reveals a

world that few know, sailing to distant lands on your own boat and the

challenges that come with it. Come and let us take you on this voyage.