Salem: Age Of The Nanoskirt

April 2014AD. Central London.

The famous 60’s fashion designer Mary Quant

is celebrating her 50th anniversary of inventing

the Miniskirt. Her daughter Dr. Mary Quant Junior

is also celebrating 20 years since she invented

Nanotechnology in 1994.

All therefore said and done.

The celebration veune is being well celebrated at

London’s famous science museum. The famous time travelling white witch Donna Salem and her

own team have been specially invited to attend.

But very soon. Certain supernatural evil forces

slowly but surely begin to overshadow the great

happy event in question. The Quant’s past is about to bite back with terrfiying avengence.

The strange events of 49 years ago (1965)

Operation Miniskirt is about threaten the present.

As part of the great miniskirt’s 50th celebrations.

The new state of the art miniskirt designed for

the 21st century THE NANOSKIRT. Is fashion

launched into the shops. Each wearing nanoskirt

contains nanotechnology and Wi-Fi tech.

Enabling anyone to using their miniskirt as an

Wi-Fi device to power their own smartphones.

The Miniature Continuum unexpectly invade Earth.

Gatecrashing the whole Quant event. Henceforth.

Threatening to consume the world with chaos.

But the Miniature Continuum have only one

reason for invading Earth. To resurrect their own

leader Claire Miniature back from the dead.

In this special Salem 2014 book edition of

the 50th anniversary of the Miniskirt.

This book features a bit of humour, a lot of action

and a lot of strange scary revelations.

Can Salem stop the evil Claire Miniature from

turning the wearing Nanoskirts worn by all of the

women of Earth from being turned into Wi-Fi

weapons of mass destruction??