Science Fiction Short Stories

Here’s a peek at the future. Nine science fiction stories that show changes we may not have anticipated. Take cemeteries. Usually graves and flowers. Technology, however, could make them different, but unfortunately undesirable: in FOREVER, INC., an interred follow finds this out; HOLOCEM shows even love has its downside; and EVERYONE SAVES UP FOR HEAVEN comes to grips with the technology of heaven. A change in climate alters a lot of things: sacrifice means one thing in …SOME SAY IN ICE; a unique use of the body mass index is found in THE SIEVE; and THE MEMORISTS taps the memories you hold. WE’LL TAKE CARE OF THAT wonders about relinquishing your judgment. A strange discovery in A CRY ON MARS helps change two lives. COMEBACK shows how technology can make you lose yourself in Hollywood. approx. 41,900 words