Scout Warrior (The Fight For Creation Book 2)

From the Number One International Bestselling Author Saxon Andrew comes the second book in The Fight for Creation Series, Scout Warrior.

It’s been a hundred and sixty years since the three brothers stopped the Dremor and brought the Royals back to respectability. But now, no one hears the music and the Realm is losing ground to the aggressive civilizations. The Creator is sick and will die if the forces against the Realm are not stopped, and soon.

To make matters worse, one of the largest and most aggressive civilizations has developed a new high powered beam on their battleships that no ship of the Realm can withstand. The new beam coupled with a teleport suppression field may be the final death knell for the Life Warriors.

But…one small being is coming to the Realm to play. She’s initially turned down for service in the Warriors but finally manages to enlist and her impact on events is monumental. The Scout Warrior is more than anyone expects; even herself.

The Fight for Creation is getting deadly and the action continues in the second book of the series, Scout Warrior.

This review is from: The Fight for Creation – Life Warrior (The Fight for Creation (Book One)) (Kindle Edition)

Andrew’s books bring back the fun in reading, they show what life is all about without going to the extremes.

I am eagerly looking forward to Scout.

Excerpt from Scout Warrior

“Sir, the Defiant has reported problems teleporting out.” The Communications Officer looked at her board and said, “Now I have four other ships reporting their teleport systems are not working.”

Commodore Kel looked over at his Drive Officer, “Check it!”

“It’s not functioning, Sir.”

Kel hit the fleet frequency, “Battle stations; All ships to Battle stations. Move out and assume a defensive position. There is a teleportation suppression field around us and we’ll have to use standard thrusters.” Kel turned to Communications, “Get a message out to fleet.”

The Grogat Fleet charged the new beam that was located on the bow of their ships. The entire front third of the Grogat ships suddenly looked like they were on fire.

“Sir, we have ten thousand Grogat Ships moving in on the planet. They appear to be a ship type that is not in our database.”

Kel looked at his display and saw the brightly glowing bows of the incoming ships and knew they were here to trial that new ship. If that beam could penetrate their force fields, it was suicide to meet twice their number head on. Kel hit his board, “All ships will scatter and attack any target of opportunity. On my Command, scatter in pattern Delta, Bravo. Now!”

The four thousand Bristone Ships accelerated away from the planet and to the sides of the incoming ships.

The Grogat Commander sat forward and watched the White Ships suddenly scatter to the sides of his fleet. “You know what to do. Designate your pair’s target and implement the attack.”

The Bristone Main Battleship Zord Claws saw two of the Grogat ships turn and move toward them. Captain Grant ordered, “Move to 230 degrees and fire as we pass.”

The mile long battleship turned broadside to the incoming Grogat and fired its nine main beams. Seven of them hit the closest Grogat ship and Grant saw the force field around it dim. “Hit that ship again!”

The Grogat ship was hit by a full spread of nine main beams and a spread of heavy missiles. It shrugged off the beams but six of the twenty missiles made it through. The Grogat ship exploded, but not before its partner fired on Zord Claws with the new beam and blew the ship in half. Grant hit the button over his head and sixty stealth probes went out of the ship at the bow and tail. The Grogat fired again and the Zord Claws exploded into a massive cloud of debris.

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