Secrets of Paris: Paris for Beginners: An Insider’s Guide

A book for sophisticated travellers who want to understand Paris and the Parisians and who appreciate English humour. ‘Secrets of Paris’ contains no time tables or hotel phone numbers but is a humorous introduction to the heart and soul of the city (and the French) by a bestselling writer who loves Paris and knows it well.

This is a visitor’s guide to the exciting city of Paris, containing the sort of gossipy, inside information that a friend who knows Paris would give you. Vernon Coleman, an international bestselling author whose books have been published in 25 languages,

has been visiting Paris for over half a century and has had an apartment there since the 1990s. He knows and understand the city (and the Parisians) intimately and knows far more about the city’s history than most travel writers and tourist guides. The book is packed with secrets and advice but it’s also funny and enormously readable. A sparkling introduction to Paris and the French by someone whose love for the city shines through brightly. Contains information on getting to know Paris and understanding France and the French. There is a list of 20 things you must do in Paris and 10 things NOT worth doing. Plus details of places around Paris worth visiting. Selected as Book of the Month by `French’ magazine and highly praised by `Destination France’ and other expert reviewers.

`Is it travel writing or reference? Actually it cleverly manages to combine both .Before you’ve finished reading I guarantee you’ll be planning a visit.

Secrets of Paris gives you just that – an insight into Parisian life, packed with local and personal anecdotes, and historical and socio-political information. Refreshingly, this isn’t just a trite travel book but a readable, funny and intelligent guide to what to do and what not to do and see in the city. Imagine getting top tips from a trusted friend who has lived in Paris for a few years.’ – French Magazine

`This isn’t a guide book although its sub-title is Paris for Beginners, an Insider’s Guide. Rather, it’s a witty series of observations about life in Paris. A prolific writer Coleman has sold over two million books in the UK alone, covering genres (such as) medical matters and novels. He writes amusingly about flowers, the elderly, notaires, zebra crossings, hotels and almost anything else you can think of. There’s a list of 10 things not worth doing (including visiting the Bois de Boulogne) and 20 things you must do in Paris (from visiting Pere Lachaise to having a drink at Les Deux Magots or Café Flore). Hugely entertaining.’ – Destination France

`Vernon Coleman…now gives us the sort of gossipy inside information that a friend who knows Paris well would give you…packed with secrets and advice, but also funny and enormously readable. A sparkling introduction to Paris and the French.’ – Stewart Peterson, Greenock Telegraph

`Hugely enjoyable.’ – Carol McGiffin

Vernon Coleman is a qualified doctor who has written over 100 books which have been translated into 25 languages. Many of them have appeared in bestseller lists around the world. He has presented countless TV and radio programmes and written columns for many of the world’s biggest selling newspapers and magazines.

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What the papers say about Vernon Coleman and his books:

Coleman is a very funny writer – This England

Vernon Coleman writes brilliant books – The Good Book Guide

No thinking person can ignore him -The Ecologist

A godsend -Daily Telegraph

Compulsive reading – The Guardian

Marvellously succinct, refreshingly sensible – The Spectator

King of the media docs -The Independent

Probably one of the most brilliant men alive -Irish Times

Britain’s leading medical author – The Star

Britain’s leading health care campaigner – The Sun

The patients’ champion -Birmingham

He writes lucidly and wittily – Good Housekeeping

etc etc