Seoul, South Korea Travel Guide – 3-Day Itinerary

Coming to Korea?

Want to know where to go in Seoul? This guide to Seoul offers a full three-day itinerary – including where to eat, where to see, and where to sleep. There’s plenty more to see in Seoul, though – which is why I’ve also added ideas based on themes. What kind of themes, you ask?

If you want to learn about history:
If you want to party like a rock star:
If you want to lie on the beach:
If you want to entertain kids without going insane:
If you want souvenirs or proof you came to Korea:
If you want to get your shopping on:
If you want to enjoy nature:
If you’re coming for business and have to work around that schedule:
If you’re interested in people-watching:
If you just want to relax or be pampered:

In this itinerary, I’ll be telling you what’s worth seeing – AND how to get there. Korean tourist information is decent, but doesn’t always give directions. In addition, I’m not beholden to any official organizations – meaning I tell you the real deal on the place.

Who am I? I’m an travel blogger who has lived in Seoul since March 2008. I’ve made it a point to see one new place, event, or festival every week since I arrived. I’ve explored parts of Korea most Koreans haven’t seen. I’ve kept a blog on life in Korea, but this itinerary uses a fair amount of unpublished information.

49 pages of information and photos – no filler here, so it’s time to click! As a way of saying thank you to buyers, my personal e-mail is in the itinerary – and I’m happy to answer any questions you might have on traveling Seoul 🙂

Version 2.5 – added some ideas on what to do if the weather isn’t cooperating; added / clarified some directions.