Seven Ghosts – The BirdOfPrey Chronicles: Book 6 “Of Earth And Eden”

With the help of a Time-Trancer, Bird has been found. As per The Ghost’s ‘usual luck’… Tamarak is only minutes away. Can Lone get Bird back at all, yet still in time to stop the galactic onslaught? As always, Bird has a plan for that too. And what of Ciana? She comes face to face with 51 tech… and Bird’s love and both… at the same time. Will she even go with Bird now? Or will it all be just too much for her? Never a dull moment for the twin gods of 51, including new perils regarding the way home that neither man saw coming. What does one do when the evil of mankind rears its head? Why… have the wolves of Tuhleesia put it back in it’s place of course!