Shrotru: Departure Episode 2 (Journey to Rehnor)

Sheela, Duchess of Shrotru, finally had her life in order. No longer was she the poor fisherman’s daughter, who spent her days gutting mackerel or baiting hooks. Instead, she lived in the opulent Manor House of Shrotru with a lovely suite all to herself, including a luxurious marble bath. Sheela’s son was the Crown Prince’s best friend, and her daughter was betrothed to the younger prince. Yes, Sheela’s life was nearly perfect until the day it came to an end.

Somehow, and no one was ever really certain why, the endless war between Karupatani and Hahr reached an absolute conclusion. Sheela, her family, and a few hand-picked members of their household found themselves pummeling into outer space, only moments before their home was reduced to a sheet of glass.

Set a thousand years before the Two Moons of Rehnor series, Journey to Rehnor is a series of novella sized (15,000 – 20,000 word) episodes which follow the adventures of the Karupatani royal family, as well as those of the Duke of Shrotru, and Duke of Kirkut as they travel from their decimated home planet of Rozari to a new life on the planet Rehnor.