A book with its own nervous system, Slaughtermatic follows Dante Cubit through the streets of Beerlight as he hunts for a crime mentor, tangling with Chief Henry Blince and the hitman Brute Parker on the way. Real satire amid the bomb zombies, scary clowns and needle bars of the city. Gun karma navigated. Hassle with the locals, breaking our man in half. No escape from a trap that expands with you.

Steve Aylett has been described as “utterly original” (SFX), “an unstoppable master of space and time ” (Asimov ’s), “ the most original voice in the literary scene” (Michael Moorcock) and “ the coolest writer alive today ” (Starburst).

‘Wickedly funny futuristic pulp thriller. As far from Agatha Christie as you can get.’
Mike Ripley, The Telegraph

‘not only conceptually brilliant and satirically walloping, but stylistically innovative … either a boffo prose poem or a transcendent obscene phone call. You decide.’
Paul DiFilippo, Asimov’s Science Fiction

‘a dizzying cyber-coaster of a novel … Is this the future of fiction?’
The Guardian

“Steve Aylett has made a career out of redefining the boundaries of science fiction — and sanity.”
Barnes & Noble Spotlight Feature

“a phenomenal talent” – Trashotron

“The most original and most consciousness-altering living writer in the English language, not to mention one of the funniest.”
Alan Moore

‘This is sci-fi for non-geeks.’
The Face