So You Are Thinking Of Going To India

India is beautiful and ugly, disturbing and peaceful, clean and dirty, rich and abjectly poor. If you are ‎thinking of going, this extended travel story (17,000 words, nearly 60 photos) gives you some idea of what ‎to expect. While the Taj Mahal, Jaipur, Khajuraho (where the Kama Sutra was written), Varanasi (and ‎shopping) are covered, the chapters also explore the street life of the cities and villages as well as love and ‎marriage, the status of women, the caste system, funeral rites and corruption. India is quite different, and ‎some background is helpful to minimize culture shock. Travel with me from city to countryside to ancient ‎forts to tiger preserve by plane, bus, train, Land Rover, rickshaw, balloon, boat, camel and on foot, engaging ‎all of your senses to see, hear and smell India. This is not a day-by-day travel story (though our itinerary is ‎at the back), but rather an exploration of this huge and ancient country. Reading this will be an experience. ‎Going to India will be a life changing one. ‎