Somewhere South of Tuscany

Somewhere South of Tuscany is a feet-on-the-ground account of living and cooking in Italy, in the spectacular Italian countryside. After only one brief visit, Diana Armstrong, a cookbook author and food and travel writer, buys an ancient stone house right in the middle of the historic center of a village sandwiched between Tuscany and Umbria.
Somewhere South of Tuscany is fun and witty! Of course, with Diana’s culinary background, food is never very far from the surface. Diana, her husband and her family are as much concerned with their meals as they are with fixing their house.
Restoring a 400 year old house in the backwoods of Italy makes for a fertile breeding ground for disasters, scrapes and a few discoveries too. (Everyone considering buying and renovating a home in Italy should ready her book!) Her culinary adventures in this Umbrian region are never very far from center stage. Diana, ever the passionate cook, provides deliciously simple recipes for all the food she mentions in the book. She gives every American cook the tools to transport themselves and their guests right into this green heart of rural Italy.