South-East Asia Travel Guide Package: Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia Travel Guides

Are You Planning a South-East Asia Trip?

It is highly likely that Vietnam, Laos or Cambodia is part of your trip. Since these countries are bordered to each other, these are popular destinations to visit in one go.

South-East Asia Package – 3 books for the Price of 2!

Here is what you’ll get with this 3 travel guide package:

Plan Your Best Activities From North To South Vietnam

If you travel through Asia, Vietnam is one of the stops you should consider. With it’s “S” shape of a country, you’ll be sure to visit a different type of Vietnam if you go from North to South.

There is no city alike, so you’re guaranteed to have an exceptional time each time you enter a different part of the country.

Even though there is so much to do in Vietnam, you should start with the most popular ones, to truly say that you had a taste of the most beautiful country in Southeast Asia.

Learn the Hidden Secrets of Laos

If you’re already in Asia, Laos is well worth adding to your itinerary. In fact, this long, landlocked country is worth a trip all on its own. The country has taken the many cultural influences over the years and turned them into something truly unique.

History comes to life here and it would be a shame to miss out on the incredible architecture, ruins and culture. The food itself is enough reason to visit, ranging from authentic French to a unique mixture of Asian cuisines.

Get started by traveling to some of the main towns, but don’t forget to head off the beaten trail. You’ll be amazed at how friendly the people are and how readily you’ll take to the laidback lifestyle.

Find Out What’s Fascinating About Cambodia

You supposedly have heard about the world-famous temples of Angkor Wat and want to see these complexes with your own eyes.

Not many people are aware of Cambodia’s beautiful coast, as well as their scenic nature.

And if you are really in for trying something new, take a good look at their cuisine. With influences from the Chinese and French cuisine, it sure will be a new experience.

Food is usually one of the reasons people travel, and that is definitely a reason to visit Cambodia.

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