Star Saga Short Story – Red Allen

A starfighter test pilot comes to a remote base to trouble shoot a faulty fighter and gets more than he bargained for. This exciting short story is set in the same time frame as the novel, Starforgers.

Other e-books set in the Star Saga universe by Ken McConnell

STARFORGERS Book One of the Star Saga – Stellar Ranger Devon Ardel aims to avenge the death of her best friend Hap, killed by a new alien race known as Votainions, bent on destroying the Federation. Her vengeance leads her to join the Starforgers, a new interstellar division of the military, at a time when the Federation is on the verge of the first galactic war.

STARSTRIKERS Book Four of the Star Saga – After the tragic death of one of their own, the best Starstriker Special Forces team has to regroup. Commander Havic hand picks a replacement for his team and begins training her for their next mission deep behind enemy lines.

TYRMIA – Stranded on a jungle world where the native aliens are being hunted to extinction by descendants of her ancestors, Szeredy must protect the tribe that befriends her or suffer their fate. Tyrmia is set in the Star Saga universe.

TALES FROM OCHERVA, VOL 1 – This latest addition to the Star Saga universe is a collection of Space Western short stories set on the border planet of Ocherva. Get the e-book now from the Kindle Store!