Starwoman’s Sanctuary (Diaspora Worlds Book 3)

He is only on the Space Hub for a night. She works endless hours with the orphans and elderly of the Hub. An invasion changes everything.

Kyler lured the Gorvas hunter away from his brother and soon to be sister-in-law so they could escape the space hub to the safety of New Prague. Landing in the middle of mealtime in a utilitarian Starwoman’s Sanctuary, Kyler is stunned by the beauty of the Starwoman, Sister Skyleen. He doesn’t mind spending a night in the Sanctuary if it will give him a few moments with the fascinating Skyleen.

Skyleen has plans to leave the Sanctuary she built on the hub. She hopes to marry and raise a family of her own someday. Her attraction to Kyler strengthens her resolve to make the change, though a wealthy Puregen from an industrial planet is not the type of man she wants a future with.

News of an invasion reaches Kyler hours before anyone else, thanks to New Prague tech. The Sanctuary– almost five hundred orphans, elderly and poor working families– needs to get off the hub to safety. Kyler, with the credit account befitting his status as planetary royalty, will rent a ship. It is their only chance.

Scifi romance, space opera, 37k short novel, novella Sensual.

Books in the Diaspora Worlds Series:

Book 1: Her Cyborg Awakes

Book 2: Alien Blood

Book 3: Starwoman’s Sanctuary

Book 4: Escaping Poison, Coming Soon

The first four books in the Diaspora Worlds Series are the stories of four brothers.

Their mother is the Protectorate of New Prague, a hereditary ruler, so they have a mini series titled The Sons of the Protectorate.