Stories from the Universal Collector: Book One: The Timekeeper

“Long ago, during our era, a gigantic spaceship travels silently through a galaxy far away from our Earth. For more than a hundred generations, the ship has been home to the growlers, a savage species who have never seen their home planet, Kezmara. As the ship continues on it’s course, the commander understands his orders are to locate the universal collector – an indestructible object that stores all essential data occurring during each era – on planet Ardon and transport it to Kezmara. However, unbeknownst to the leaders of Kezmara, the commander is about to take matters into his own hands.

After the commander issues new orders for the growlers to take control of the collector, enslave the inhabitants of Ardon, and create a new home for themselves, the ship’s inhabitants have no idea of what or whom they are about to encounter on the strange planet. Meanwhile on Ardon, the timekeeper and his daughter, Liana, are prepared to do everything in their power to defend the collector, including moving it to another planet. But when the timekeeper discovers his people are not prepared for what they are about to face, he realizes the responsibility for saving the collector lies within him.

In this intriguing science fiction tale, a timekeeper and his cohorts risk everything as they battle to save the collector, their species, and their planet from an evil alien force determined to carry out their mission.”