SUBJECTED: the Predicate – a novel (the Sequel)

Subjected: the Predicate

Dr. Daniel J. Sayer has just learned that his life is essentially over, yet at the same time is reluctantly ushered, by an Alien—or Angel (he’s still not sure which), into the heart of a terrorist crisis, with the lives of thousands of children in the proverbial balance…

Thematic content and style of G. F. Smith’s writing is a contemporary cross between the Twilight Zone®, Touched By an Angel®, and the X-Files®, with a healthy portion of abstract humor thrown in for balanced measure.

(The Subjected Series was written to be read in any order…)

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Book Cover Copy:
At the turn of the 22nd century, thousands of children at the World Children’s Orphanage, U.S. compound are taken hostage by militant Eco-political terrorists. One child will die horrifically each hour. The demands: “Permanently disable the world’s fossil fuel refineries, and power plants…one plant for one child’s life, non-negotiable.”

Daniel J. Sayer, PhD, author, lecturer, adviser to world leaders, reluctantly finds himself mired in the crisis, pairing his own unique abilities, with the staff of the WCO, the Military, and the courageous sacrifices of the children, in their desperate efforts to combat the mysterious and ruthless terrorist group, the QUALM, and their world-televised Illustrations of Death.

Along the way, Dr. Sayer begins to realize that he is being steered through a twisted plot of metaphysical proportions, fighting not only over the fate of the children, and for the future of the Earth, but for his own beleaguered soul.

“Well, that’s about it from my end. Any questions?”

Whispering voices rose to a soft cacophony of mostly non-intelligible personal communication. Only a few seconds passed before the first question was asked.

“Yes, General,” Lucius Venus, representative delegate of the Eastern EEU, who remained seated, started the queries. “This question is for anyone in the room, as well as you, General. This group…they call themselves the Qualm. Any idea of who they are, where they come from? And what’s this…this name Qualm supposed to mean or infer? I’d say everyone is a little more than just curious about this.”

The General spoke first.

“I have no answer for that, Sir. We’re working on that as well.”

The representative delegate of the AEU spoke next.

“It’s mentioned in the manifesto several times as the group’s name, but it is not displayed in acronym form, if you noticed, only in Italicized lettering. It could mean anything, actually. The Media, it appears, have jumped on this one. Some are calling them: the Quasi-Unilateral Association of Long-winded Multinationals;” one or two giggles could be heard, “another is the: Quintessential Undermining and Abatement of Left-Wing Machiavellians,” a few more laughs followed, “Oh and here’s my personal favorite: the Quantitative Ubiquitous Alumni of the labyrinthine Maladapted.” He smiled big at his recital.

More snickers could be heard across the room.

Congressman Lucius Venus didn’t crack a smile, neither did General Abernathy.

As soon as the subtle, though resonating laughter subsided, General Abernathy looked at the delegate from New Hampshire and spoke again.

“Perhaps, my fellow representatives…perhaps it merely stands for what the word itself stands for. Quoting as best I can from Webster’s Third-New World: 1: A sudden attack…as of nausea 2: a sudden feeling of doubt, fear, or uneasiness especially in not following one’s…conscience, or better judgment.”

He paused and careened his neck….

Near silence permeated the room…

“So, with all due respect…I’d suggest that you cut the crap, and get to work!”

He turned and left the room.