Cold Zero – Parte prima: 1 (The Tube Nomads) (Italian Edition)

ROMANZO BREVE HORROR – In una remota stazione di sorveglianza sulle montagne, isolata da tutto e da tutti, all’improvviso ci si rende conto che è successo qualcosa al mondo. Qualcosa di terribile, che presto scatenerà la morte anche fra di loro… Dal maestro dell’apocalisse, Alan D. Altieri, una nuova serie spin-off di The Tube, la …


Away Games: Science Fiction Sports Stories

What happens when 5-time Hugo winner Mike Resnick turns his attention to sports? The answers lie within, as you encounter a 7-foot 10-inch robot basketball center, a hexed boxing match, the devil’s least favorite racehorse, a Chicago Bears team that would warm Victor Frankenstein’s heart, and more.


Dr. Mitchell Starks is a professor of Astronomy at the University of Arizona. When the star he is observing winks out for a few minutes, his place in history is assured. The starship he discovers heading toward Earth is the desperate lifeboat of a dying civilization; a long-shot gamble to preserve their species. Both may …


Cold Zero – Parte Seconda: 2 (The Tube Nomads) (Italian Edition)

ROMANZO BREVE HORROR – Non esiste nessun luogo in cui nascondersi dalle orde cannibaliche che stanno facendo scempio delle società umane. Nemmeno là, sull’ultima montagna della terra… Dopo  “Cold Zero – Parte prima”, esordio della nuova saga spin-off di The Tube, ecco la seconda parte di una delle più crude e agghiaccianti storie di sopravvivenza …


A Simple Truth

“Two hours ago a wideband radio signal was received that covered all the high frequency channels. It was strong enough to block all normal communication and was received across half the world. The message was as follows – ‘Earth, One Gigahertz, Procyon,’ in plain English, clear as you like.” This momentous development triggers a chain …


Ruins Terra

Ruins have fascinated us for centuries. These stories are set in or about ruins of Earth. Some ruins are safe to enter. Some present challenges. And others you shouldn’t go near.

The Thing: from the Depths of Hell 2012 (Novelette)

The first novelette and half of The Thing: from the Depths of Hell! An astounding mind-bending sci-fi horror action thriller with two novelettes of explorers encountering mind-bending alien entities from beyond the boundaries of space and time! In Space Odyssey: Beyond the Universe (Part I) a voyager is created and launched to explore the deepest …


Alien Aberrations: Sci Fi Horror Stories

From the cute and cuddly to the giant and hideous, on distant planets to our own backyards, aliens have different motivations for making contact. Sometimes inquisitive, sometimes defensive, and sometimes, unfortunately for us, aggressive, these other-worldly visitors have agendas we can only begin to uncover. Join some of today’s most imaginative writers as they show …


Stinger Stars

Stinger Stars is the story of mankind’s first contact with another intelligent species—a man-made species that can enable humans to regenerate lost or damaged body parts. Tragically, the intelligent creatures must be repeatedly maimed in order for them to produce the regenerative agent that makes them so useful. Set in a world of rival genetic …



A sci-fi short story, inspired in part by Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein… In 2038, a group of Cal Tech students built a robot to assist them with their cooking and cleaning (and maybe some trig homework). Eventually the machine, nicknamed “Modem,” develops sentience. What will become of this newly self-aware robot? How will its makers react …