The Prometheus Diversion (A Star Beyond Time Book 1)

Margie Tucker is the director of environmental engineering on the L-5 Colony and a devoted mother of four. The L-5 Colony charter was framed after the Earth Global Government Coalition (EGGC) under the premise that they did not want to become a haven for those who could not follow the rules of decent society on …


PROXY – “When Robots Work Better”

The use of robotics as a replacement for human labor has reduced the once working-class people to a state of unemployable poverty, resulting in a near collapse of the world’s capitalist economies. The United Nations struggles to maintain a moral global order as international business organization, Circos, uses control over labor robots and its sovereign …


Purgatory: Praelium Finalis (Der Nemesis Codex 3) (German Edition)

Er wurde unschuldig seines Kommandos enthoben und ins Exil verbannt Doch der alte Feind greift wieder an, um das Werk der Zerstörung zu vollenden Nun ist er zurück. Er ist die letzte Hoffnung. Doch alles läuft anders, als es geplant wurde Mittlerweile hetzt die gesamte Flotte des Imperiums und der Föderation den Segurianer und das …



This is a science fiction novel. We start with the ‘boy meets girl’ premise, even if it isn’t on dear old Terra. Lots of excitement and action included, even with an invasion of aliens involved. What was done about it? Dive in, you’ll enjoy the diversion.