Ten Days in the Glades: In the Unforgiving Everglades, Anything Can Happen

In the unforgiving Florida Everglades, almost anything can happen, and it usually does. This book follows the true story of Michael Goldy, who spent 10 days in the dangerous South Florida wilderness, the largest wilderness in the eastern United States. In this book, Michael Goldy recalls the ultimate backcountry experience as he sets out on canoeing the Wilderness Waterway through Everglades National Park. Coming face to face with alligators, venomous snakes, and the brutal force of mother nature. Through this journey, one must learn to become one with the land, or suffer the consequences, which can be permanent. The physical and mental challenges of such a trip are a life-changing experience that strengthens the soul.

Michael’s adventure through the Everglades is accompanied by the realities of how delicate and fragile this ecological system really is. Its colorful history and environmental concerns are addressed in detail. As with most of the planet, the Everglades is subjected to the issues of development, exploitation, pollution and climate change. While the national park and Big Cypress National Preserve are theoretically protected, the area is dependent upon resources and influences from areas that are not. Whether we protect such rarities or allow them to fade away is a decision we need to make as the predominate species on the planet.