Thailand: 99 Travel Tips For Tourists & Backpackers

This ebook is full of practical tips and advice for tourists and backpackers intending to travel to Thailand. Its not a Thai travel guide, it would be impossible to pack every detail in a book this size. It is a list of on-the-ground practical tips from an experienced traveler in Thailand.

Use it along with the major travel guides, and download this one first so that you have a clue when you see what they have to say.

Safety warnings, banking advice, visa advice, airlines, bus stations, trains, do’s, don’ts and how-to’s, this is a handy addition to your Thai vacation research.

Not every word will apply to you, but you will learn something from this book – in fact you’ll learn many things. To make it easy for you I’ve listed several website links so that you can additionally research your travel plans.

So go ahead and save yourself hours upon hours of pouring through conflicting and confusing websites and download, Thailand, 99 Travel Tips for Tourists & Backpackers now.