Thailand & South East Asia: The Six Month Retirement Plan

Through the course of this year I have received dozens of emails asking me what’s the best way to go about planning retirement to Thailand. Through conversation with many people, I have come up with this book which will walk you through every aspect of planning the move.

Anyone that’s read my book “Why You Shouldn’t Retire to Thailand,” knows my thoughts on going all-in when you retire. However, it’s not for me to stick dogmatically by that point. Successful retirement is something we all desire, and this book will show you how to go about making sure you have given yourself the best chance.

The way I have designed the book is part retirement-planning, and part travel guide. I have devised a travel route that you could easily achieve in six months, and at the end of it, regard yourself as having the most memorable and exceptional vacation of your life.

But why only six months? the reason is simple, I have addressed the psychology of making the move into retirement, and as part of that, I have laid out an incredible and affordable itinerary to keep you as busy as you wish.

Or not, as the Thais say – it’s up to you. Throughout the book I will give you options. Consider the book a type of snakes & ladders where you are constantly being asked, do you want to stay here? or would you like to move on to the next location?

Every part of the journey is costed, every realistic mode of transport offered up to you. If you follow the route to the letter I will take you to Borneo, Malaysia, Thailand, a quick look at Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam.

Along the way you’ll be meeting Orang Utangs, elephants, tigers, and even monks on horseback. You’ll see astounding nationals parks, stunning tea plantations, the superb Ang Kor Wat Temple complex, you’ll cruise down the Mekong, and visit major cities such as Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Pnohm Penh and Ho Chi Minh City.

You’ll see the Thai islands, the glorious Mae Salong, the Killing Fields of Cambodia, the ancient city of Ayyutayah, and if you wish, the flesh-pots of Pattaya. I say if you wish, as I have made sure that you are always in control of what happens next in your itinerary. If you want to take root somewhere, go ahead.

As I said the whole trip is costed, and costed realistically. I’ve used air transport where possible, and if not – first class buses – and I have introduced a couple of train and boat options too. I’ve selected mid-market hotels and guest houses, and always kept my eye on what people would realistically expect. Can you do the trip cheaper? of course you could. I’m aiming at the middle, there are savings to be had everywhere.

However, this book is not merely a guide book. The primary function is to take you through your retirement plan to Thailand & South-East Asia. I will have you examining various locations with a view to making them your new home. As such, I will be discussing issues within the book that regular tourists would not have any interest in, but will be relevant to you. I will also advise on personal safety issues for male and female travelers, and will show you how to have emergency plans in place, and an exit strategy.

There’s nothing alarming in that; sometimes your head may have to turn homewards due to a family emergency. I will ensure that you will always be close to an airport and be able to head home if the need arises. As part of that, I will advise you who the best international carriers are to travel with, the airlines with the most flexible options.

It’s all about easing into retirement, knowing that you have all the information to hand to make the right decision, and knowing that you are in control of what happens next. After all, you have worked for decades, and you deserve the best – this book will help you make the right decisions while enjoying yourself.