The Androids of Thor’s Helmet (The Last Galactic War Book 1)

The Androids of Thors Helmet

Book 1 – The Last Galactic War Trilogy.

Roy and the crew are back, ready for another bonkers mission. In smart new uniforms and equipped only with a metal detector and their own wits, they set out to find the androids on Earth Station III and who sent them. They meet the Tarot, a tribe of Eskimos, resident in Tunisia. Later in Brazil it is carnival time and Roy loses his ability to speak, gawping at the excess of exposed flesh.

The troubadours return and Roy must honour his I.O.U. They go shopping in Darlington to spend £100,000 and is Toss-Pot really a tosspot?

The Android quest leads them to Asgard, but Odin is not without a trick or two and sends the Artois beyond the start of time. The crew meet a group of familiar faces and then resolve the issue in truly mad style.

Bursting for a fight they return to Asgard to confront the Norse gods.

Does Daz overstep the mark? Have his past misdemeanours come home to roost? Is he in trouble? And why do Tunisian Eskimos keep popping up everywhere?

And who are the dreaded Calamari, will we have to shake hands, hands, hands, hands, hands, hands, hands and hands?