The Artifacts of Elios – The Glyph Mage Book I

On the world of Eliom there once lived the Elios and the Luion. Over two millennia ago the Magical Elios vanished while the rescued Luion remained. Then catastrophe struck and the magical knowledge and the history of the vanished Elios began to disappear and was soon all but gone. All that was left was a monarchy and a republic whose only link to their past were the magical artifacts found in the ruins left behind.

In a now Modern Eliom with an economy powered by recovered artifacts, Magetech student, Shane Chason is nearing graduation, his goal – Solve the mystery of the artifacts. What he discovers is powerful magic, ancient enemies and a mad king that wants it all for himself to enslave the world and then destroy it all – Only a Glyph Mage can stop the madness.