THE BEST LAID PLANS: Birth of the Starclan

In two weeks, when the Fleet arrived at Earth, the man known to a quarter of the galaxy simply as “The Admiral” would officially retire. What Admiral MacAlister faced was no where near his plans: Fierce battles in space; Tragic losses of dear friends; Bloody combat with strange aliens; Daring rescues; Failed revenge; Assassination attempts; And, a little romance.

Angus MacAlister finds himself the default leader of what is left of mankind. His actions and reactions to all of this, and the foundations he has placed, fuels the birth of something much larger, and much more important, among the few million surviving humans.

James McAllister is a Respiratory Therapist living in Central New York State. The youngest of three JWMs, he grew up with a love of science fiction fostered by his parents and older brothers.

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