The Best of Beautiful Germany for Tourists 2nd Edition: The Ultimate Guide for Germany’s Top Sites, Restaurants…

The Best of Beautiful Germany for Tourists 2nd Edition: The Ultimate Guide for Germany’s Top Sites, Restaurants, Shopping, and Beaches for Tourists


The beautiful country of Germany is situated right at the heart of Europe. Germany is one of the best travel destinations in Europe as it has many unique and fantastic sites to offer and has many wonderful tourist spots. Many visitors and tourists all over the world travel to Germany to witness the magnificence of its architectural treasures and captivating destinations that have natural beauty and splendor.

More and more people are interested in spending their much needed break from work and daily life in Germany. In fact, there has been an increase in the number of tourists who visit Germany each year. According to World Bank, around 24 million tourists visited Germany in 2009, 26 million tourists in 2010, 28million tourists in 2011, and more than 30 million tourists explored Germany in 2012. In fact, according to German National Tourism Board, Germany has been the second most popular tourist destination in Europe, next to Spain.

One of the reasons why Germany is one of the most favorite tourist destinations is the positive value-for-money ratio and different experiences and locations that the beautiful and historical country has to offer.

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What makes Germany a Great Travel Destination?Top Tourist Spots in GermanyBest Beaches in GermanyBest Restaurants in GermanyBest Shopping DestinationsMuch, much more!

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