The Calling Begins (The Great Ring Sea Series Book 1)

The Great Ring Sea Series begins with the story of a young girl, Liaka, who is blessed, or not, due to having extraordinary talents. Were her talents known to those around her, most likely she would be harshly persecuted by the society in which she lives.

Liaka is a resident of a planet that was colonized some twelve-hundred years earlier by migrants from Old Earth, the original home of mankind. In the centuries since colonization, society has devolved from that of space travel, to one quite reminiscent of the Middle Ages in Europe of Old Earth.

As she grows older and leaves home to follow an unknown calling, an inner compulsion, to travel far from home, Liaka finds friends and companions, also blessed with unique powers and gifts, all seeking the same destination. As they travel to this unknown place that is drawing them, they encounter great risks, the outcomes of which may ultimately help save the planet from tyranny and anarchy, into which society seems to be slipping.

Action packed, you won’t be able to wait for the next chapter, nor for subsequent books in the series.