The Chatelaine and the Storm (Queen Victoria’s Magicians Book 2)

Lady Samantha’s rash behaviour threatens to change Victorian society in a way that she barely understands. She is terrified of breaking the rules that society lives by. Even if she is saving the country, she is expected to behave in a decorous manner. Rioters and revolutionaries frighten her less than censorious dowagers do. She has been Chatelaine of the Guild of Magicians for less than a year. Many people still hope that she will fail. The year of revolutions is not yet over. Londoners, angry at an uncaring government, are threatening riot and rebellion. Queen Victoria has given the Chatelaine another mission. The inhabitants of the Bailiwick of Peace are magic users – and they are angry. Samantha may be the only person who can prevent bloodshed. A rogue magician is trying to kill the Chatelaine and destroy the Guild. Socialist agitators still hope for violent revolution. The eccentric Lady Lovelace has asked the Guild to supply endless data for her Analytical Engine. Samantha must attempt to solve all these problems – without breaking the laws of propriety. She has accepted a few female students to the Guild. Chauvenists claim that she is threatening society. They will stop her if they can.