The Citizen Saga Book Bundle (Citizen Saga, Books 1-3): A Futuristic Dystopian Romance Series

The Citizen Saga is a totalitarian dystopia set in a mildly futuristic world, with hints of cyberpunk, romantic suspense and heart palpitating adventure.

Have you been a model Citizen today?

This book bundle includes all three novels in the The Citizen Saga trilogy as follows:

Elite: In a world where rules define model behaviour, and stepping outside them has drastic consequences, one woman inadvertently starts a war. But Selena Carstairs’ rebellion is nothing compared to what lurks beneath the city of Wánměi. The true revolution is led by a man who was raised to question the world around him. And Trent Masters is determined to make Selena question her surroundings as well.

Cardinal: Being invisible can have its advantages, but not when the Chief Overseer knows what your alias is. Lena Carr can no longer walk the streets as the Elite she was born to be, but for his “Zebra” Trent Masters would do anything. Risk his life. Kill. As long as it’s good for the rebellion. But Selena is up to something, and if Trent knows his Elite, he’s sure it’s going to be reckless.

Citizen: Rebels Lena Carr & Trent Masters hide in the shadows of the city-state they adore and work hard to undermine those in a position of authority. But propaganda fills the Citizens’ heads and lethal hazards appear at every corner. Trent & Lena now face the biggest battle of them all: Breaking down the invisible walls of Wánměi & fighting for more than just their own lives.