…The Colour of Time

Psychopharmacologist. Super-spy. Master assassin. Cult leader.

…Devoted Godson?

This is the unauthorized biography of the infamous super-villain, Dr. Peppermint.

In the official records, Dr. Marcus Jamison is a genius, a MASH field psychologist during the Vietnam War, and heir to the Jamison empire, recently known for their weapons contracts with the federal government. In the early 1970s he becomes known as the leader of a religious order.

Few know the true Marcus Jamison. A man of many mysterious talents. A warrior who serves justice. A disciple with deep faith. A criminal who traffics in weapons, drugs and death. An operative who ties up all loose ends, and collects all debts. An assassin who serves a higher purpose.

1975. Dr. Marcus Jamison and Dr. Indera Kalammni are reported dead when the complex of the Church of the Purified Mind is leveled by Pinnacle City law enforcement and the Liberty League when federal agents encounter resistance in serving search and seizure warrants. Hundreds are killed. Sister Starchild knows it could have been much worse.

But if at first you don’t succeed…

Classification: Science Fiction/Fantasy

Appropriate for Adults

Violence, death, brief, milldly-graphic sexual situations, frequent cursing.

Phase 5 Elements: Sn 81 Supernatural; Sv 301 Super-villain; Dc 5 Death Cult