The Continuum: Everything is Eventual


We are all unique. We live our own lives, follow our own paths, and have our own dreams, and we all have our own story to tell.

What if somewhere along our own individual journey of life, a small, unremarkable event occurs, even though insignificant to any observer, it can change the entire course of the life of anyone and everyone.

What if then we discover that our lives, paths and dreams are not our own. What if our dreams then become our deepest, darkest nightmares?

Set in the not too distant future, The Continuum’s “Cerebral Science Fiction” approach contains stories that appeal to all, not just fans of sci-fi. The Continuum focuses on the lives of ordinary people who find themselves in extraordinary situations.

Covering topics such as genetics, time travel, quantum reality and faith, each story is thought provoking, exciting and easy to follow, and each ends with unexpected twist in the tale, with a finale leaving you wanting more.

This first book creates, lays the foundation for a dark science fiction series which is currently undergoing development for a television series.

As the authors ongoing personal commitment to charity, five percent of all proceeds from this ebook will be donated to charities both in the UK and abroad.