The Day You Discard Your Body

Today your brain is inextricably linked to your body, and your body is a very poor vehicle for it. The problems are myriad, ranging from simple things like body odor and restroom breaks, to serious issues like cancer. If you get cancer at age 30 and the malignancy takes your life, your body is the worst kind of trap – your perfectly healthy brain dies when the disease kills your body. Any kind of serious accident – everything from falling down the steps to a car crash – has the same deadly effect on your brain.

There is an alternative on the horizon, in the form of Vertabrane and then complete disembodiment. In his book “The Day You Discard Your Body”, Marshall Brain skillfully guides you through the steps that will lead you to gladly discard the frail human body that your brain inhabits today.

MARSHALL BRAIN is best known as the founder of Marshall started the site as a hobby in 1998 and it was purchased for $250 million by Discovery Communications in 2007.

As a well-known public speaker, Marshall frequently appears on radio and TV programs nationwide. He has appeared on everything from The Oprah Winfrey Show to CNN. He is the host of National Geographic’s “Factory Floor With Marshall Brain”.

Marshall has written more than a dozen books and a number of widely known publications.

Today Marshall resides in Cary, NC with his wife and four children. You can learn more about Marshall Brain at