The Displaced Planet (Hazards of the Periphery Book 1)

Imagine a world of untapped, unlimited, and unstable power. Imagine that you have been enslaved because of your natural gift to harvest this raw energy. Now, imagine this source of power wants to reach out and kill you. That’s just a small taste of the aether and what Ruth Valencia faces every day. How does she deal with this bleak fate thrust upon her? A near-constant onslaught of bad puns. This may not be the best coping mechanism.

Breaking free from her captors, Fulcrum Industries, Ruth, along with the help of a crew of outlaws, absconds with the corporation’s newest starship. Things go about as well as you might imagine after that. Attacked by pirates, they soon find themselves crash landing on a planet that has its own unique set of problems and challenges for them to overcome.

Now, on her own for the first time, Ruth must discover the extent of the power flowing through her. She must evade pirates, mercenaries, and the monstrous abominations that leak through from the aether. She must struggle to maintain both her life and freedom against forces beyond her control. With her new outlaw comrades, Ruth must discover the calamity that befell this Displaced Planet and how to survive there.