The Dragon of the Ishtar Gate

Bessas of Zariaspa is a young officer in the Immortals regiment, sworn to protect and obey his King at all costs. The King wishes immortality and to that end tasks Bessas to find items that make an immortality potion, including the blood of a dragon and the ear of a king.

The Dragon of the Ishtar Gate is a swashbuckling historical novel with larger-than-life characters, set in a detailed historical background that only a scholar such as de Camp can create.

“Possibly … the author’s most breezily amusing venture into fictionizing classical lore,” in which “[c]omic opera attacks and nocturnal ambushes abound … There obviously is a lot of fictional hocus-pocus in all this, but there’s also a shimmering mirthfulness in the writing.”—Henry Cavendish

“Colorful, vigorous, and outspoken tale.”—Booklist