The Eleuthera Guide Book: Essential FAQs For First Time Visitors

All the essential information you need to plan your trip and enjoy Eleuthera to the fullest.

Chock full of insider information for first timers and seasoned travelers alike.

It is simply the only up-to-date and ad-free guide to Eleuthera. 100 pages of questions, answers, tips, and pictures.

Here are some examples of what the book covers:

• How do I best prepare for a trip to Eleuthera? Get inside information on smart travel tips!

• What do I need to pack, what kind of travel documentation do I need?

• How do I get to Eleuthera and what are my transportation options?

• How do I arrange ground transportation and what do I need to know about insurance?

• What are the options for lodging? What are some considerations when renting a private villa?

• Where and when can I buy food and beverages?

• Tips on where to find fresh fish, island grown vegetables and fresh baked bread.

• What kind of restaurants are available where I’m staying? What is Bahamian food like?

• What kind of activities and attractions can I find on the island? The book contains a list of blue holes, caves, nature parks, tours, fishing guides, and water activity rentals.

• Are there other things to do on neighboring islands? Get important info on the neighboring Out Islands of Harbour Island and Spanish Wells.

Eight chapters of information needed to get to the island, get around, explore, and maximize the experience.

You can go to Eleuthera and hope you uncover this information, cull the travel forums in hopes of getting some of these answers or simply buy this book. There’s no need to waste time doing extensive research. I’ve done it all for you.

Written by the author of the best-selling “The Beach Book, Eleuthera, Bahamas Edition”, the definitive guide to the beaches of Eleuthera.

Don’t visit Eleuthera without reading this book first!