The Expat’s Guide to Living and Working in Abu Dhabi – 2012 Edition

Moving to a new city is both challenging and exciting – and having the right info before you go can make a big difference to your move.

Our Abu Dhabi Expat Guide is written by local resident experts specifically for anyone planning a move to Abu Dhabi, and for those expats that have recently arrived. Our goal is to provide you with accurate information to make your transition more successful and less stressful.

The guide has been reviewed and verified by many Abu Dhabi expats including journalists and relocation experts. Their feedback has been used to refine and improve the 2012 edition to this excellent introduction to life in the emirate.

This concise, relevant guide contains information on:

– Accommodation – how to find apartments, which areas to choose, lease negotiating
– Cost of Living – an up-to-date guide to everyday prices, including a basket of goods
– Lifestyle – how to enjoy your time in the city, where to eat, what to do
– Pros & Cons – local views on the ups and downs on expat life
– Healthcare – hospitals, clinics and medical insurance issues
– Culture Shock – what to expect from local people and other expats
– Working – employers, permits and visas
– Kids – what there is to do with children in the city
– Education & Schools – where to send your children to school
– Weekend breaks – tips on where to go to escape the city
– Getting around – transport info
– See and Do – attractions in and around the city
– Shipping & Removals

Use this Abu Dhabi Expat Guide to find the answers to questions you have about making the move to this exciting city. After all, the right kind of preparation is paramount to a successful move.