The Fear (Book Two, Frankenstein Vigilante): Frankenstein Vigilante: The Steampunk Series: 2 (Frankenstein Vigilante…

THE FEAR: FRANKENSTEIN VIGILANTE BOOK TWO is set in The Smoke a few months after Cerval Frankenstein and the Incorruptibles went up against The Commission and the Silencios, killing psychopathic mob boss Rooseveldt Franklyn Pfarrer and laying the foundations for a new, more democratic city-state.

But the idealistic young guerrillas paid a heavy price for their victory – during the showdown Evangeline Evionne’s legs were terribly injured and later amputated. Licking their wounds, the Incorruptibles holed up on the Frankenstein estate, Evangeline brooding on her incapacity, Cerval deep in guilty depression.

When Battersby Power Station explodes, causing chaos on the streets, The Commission takes the opportunity to blame the architect of clean energy Doctor Pedro Efrain and the progressive forces who align with him. Using black propaganda, scare tactics and blanket surveillance the Commission starts to take back lost ground, plunging Smokies back into poverty and subservience.

Finally, after Evangeline has been fitted with powerful steam-driven prosthetic legs, Cerval and the Incorruptibles fly in to take on in The Commission and their cohorts again, aided by a host of vivid characters such as warrior queen Paulina Ellamova, transgender assassin O.M. and heiress-turned-rebel Keira Specklestone Pfarrer. Violent, sexy, featuring a host of new steampunk machines (the PedaLux EcoLimo, the Long Sighter spy balloon) THE FEAR takes the Incorruptibles into new and uncharted territory. The story continues in FRANKENSTEIN VIGILANTE BOOK THREE: THE RECKONING, to be published later in 2014.

Praise for Peter Lawrence and Chris Trengove: IT’S YOUR MONEY IN MY POCKET, DEAR, NOT MINE IN YOURS. “… well-observed… unmistakably the start of an irresistible composite talent.” (The Times) “… a very funny novel… though not one for puritan readers.” (Manchester Evening News) UP THE PICTURES (ENGULFED IN A TIDE OF FILTH) “… wickedly honest… full of finger-lickin’ good digs at distasteful modern horrors…” FRANKENSTEIN VIGILANTE: THE INCORRUPTIBLES: “Hissing with cinematic steam fuelled action plus an occasional smokey backfire of female dominated sex.” (Amazon UK) “A rollicking ride through sci-fi, fantasy… adult porn, gang warfare, and a dozen or so other genres… all presented with crackling energy and a bawdy sense of humor.” (Amazon US)