The Freedom Chip

Some good things come with bad intentions. Malcolm Briggs was about to discover this long observed truth.
Implanted with a device in his brain that was supposed to set him FREE, he soon discovered that its real intent was to keep him prisoner for life. Determined to free himself and the rest of mankind from the use of this diabolical device, and exposed those behind its creation and implementation, Malcolm finds himself in a race against time.
With the Government, powerful private interests, and what seems like the entire human race determined to stop him, he must nonetheless save the world from itself. But to succeed, Malcolm must combat and dismantle a well orchestrated plan set in motion by the Government and powerful private interests to control the thoughts, impulses, actions, and overall behavior of the population. This well conceived plan has already succeeded in convincing the majority of the population that this newly created weapon against crime was safe, economical, and morally justified.
“We all can finally live in a Utopia Society” their banners proclaimed. “Freedom now; Freedom forever” was their motto. “The super chip is your ticket to lasting peace”, they pronounced.
But Malcolm knew different, and would stop at nothing to expose their true intent. There is only one question. Would he live long enough to expose the Freedom Chip for what it really was – a device that could bring an end to humankind as we know it.