The Guardians: Episode 9


Price, Deborah and Andy and his team find themselves in trouble as they close in on the Montana compound. Meanwhile, Loora is finally permitted to contact the Crulla fleet… with unexpected results.

While Kali considers the ramifications of the existence of Drack Cuullar’s descendent, the Sasq warriors are trapped on a crippled Nexus ship in a failing orbit around Mars, with the League fleet still too far away to rescue them.

Commander Vikos has gathered his Storm Commandoes and makes his first move on a Human government, but just how unprepared is Earth for the Crulla?

The Montana compound is peaceful and friendly… to a point, but is it as perfect as it seems?

Forced to run from Paul’s Seattle HQ, David, Howard, Lainy and their teams find a safe haven on their way to Canada, but the Crulla are still on the hunt…

Is it finally time for surrender, or will the people of Earth STAND AND FIGHT!