The Hunt for Loki

The human race always had the power to shape their own destiny. When the began to explain nature using Gods, cultural manifestations of natural phenomena, their beliefs started to shape into living beings. These beings, for a long time, were worshiped as the saviors of Humanity.

However, these beings soon began to enact laws against Humans acting freely. After they were formed, they began to take over and treat Humans as slaves and playthings. Humans lost all freewill and eventually began to see themselves as trash.

However, the Hunters formed from the few Humans too stubborn to give up on freedom. They decided that Gods were too evil to let run free. And they are on the hunt for Gods to kill.

Armed with the power to kill Gods, Wolf is after one God in particular; the despotic trickster Loki. And he won’t stop until he stabs him through the heart.