The Local Sydney Tour Guide: See Sydney From The Best Cafes To The Best Habourside Attractions


To many people Sydney is that city on the other side of the world which hosted the Sydney 2000 Olympics Games. Its also a city they first see when New Years Eve celebrations come round each year as our Sydney Harbour Bridge lights up with fireworks and fanfare of the harbour.

If you are visiting Sydney from overseas or travel from within Australia you need to have some guidance about where to go and some ideas on what you can see in your spare time.

What you’ll find in the book –

• 12 best cafes to visit and see something interesting about the city

• Sydney’s icons and where they found for you

• Accommodation suggestions that are affordable and scenic in Sydney

• Dining and nightlife suggestions where to find the foodie spots

• Where to find social groups to mingle with the locals

• Business networking social groups so you can mix with business people

• Best beaches to visit and where to find them

• See the harbourside – best ferry trips you can take within the harbour city

• Great picnic spots around the city and how to get to them

• *** PLUS MANY Helpful website links are right throughout the book to get local updated info

When I first came to Sydney I found the place overwhelming as there was so much on offer. But over time I gradually began to find lots of Sydney’s secrets and was surprised not all the locals even know them. As a result of this I began my own social walking tours group to show people where they can find the great harbour views, the great café spots and some nice things about the city they weren’t expecting before.

As a visitor to this city – your time may be limited – but that shouldn’t stop you from seeing some very good places and to make memories of visiting Sydney on your own or with friends or family an exciting stay for you. Buy It Now.