The Lonely Living

Blake Winters considers himself a nobody and a glance into the mirror only confirms it. He’s just a shy, geeky kid from Minnesota who somehow missed inheriting all of his hero father’s best qualities. But his life changes in an instant when his father wakes him up in the middle of the night and orders him to take his little sister and drive to the family’s secluded lake house. On the perilous escape out of town, Blake discovers that his world has been thrown into chaos by a mysterious infection that has turned much of the population into undead monsters.

Despite carving out a hard and lonely living in the relative safety of his family’s lake house, Blake can’t escape a recurring dream that seems to be leading him back into the fires of the infection.

So, in a post apocalyptic world where the slightest misstep means certain death, Blake must search for answers and fight for the survival of his family, his faith and his humanity.