For my second book I wanted to write a science fiction story. Then one night while listening to Coast to Coast AM I heard a story of UFO’s and President Eisenhower signing a treaty in 1954. So I did research on the internet and to my surprise I found so much information about what I had heard on the radio. I looked into abductions and found more than I intended.

Having the inspiration I told myself I could make this into a plausible story if the reader could believe three premises. First, the reader needs to believe that aliens have space propulsion that can bend space and time to travel great distances in an instant. Second, the reader must believe that transport technology exists with aliens. Surely this could be believed, we have been watching this on television and in movies for decades. Lastly alien technology has cloaking capability. If you can open your mind about those premises you will enjoy this adventure.

I wrote ‘The Next Leap’ so that young and old could enjoy this story. It is a story of four high school seniors finding themselves in a war 1350 light years from home. It is a story of a President being thrown into dealing with war and first contact. At this point it becomes a sequel to ‘Orion’s Shield’. ‘The Next Leap’ is a roller coaster ride of good and evil with patriotism and treason all rolled into one emotion filled story. I hope you enjoy.