The Oasis of Filth – Part 2 – The Hopeless Pastures

A #1 best seller in Post-Apocalyptic fiction!

Reeling from the events of The Oasis, the doctor retreats to the Eastern Shore of Maryland, living a hermit’s life. But in time he begins to rediscover his humanity, through the companionship of Addy, a faithful dog, and Alain, a mysterious refugee from another walled city. When tragic events again consume his life and threaten his closest friends, will he give in to despair or find a new reason to carry on?

Self Publishing Reviews: 5 stars “While a book about outcasts banding together may seem as overdone a trope as zombie fiction itself, once again I have to assure anyone reading this that the author, Keith Soares, is in all ways a step above those expectations in his ideas and his execution… I don’t recommend reading this book; I recommend reading every book this author publishes, as I have no doubt he will continue raising the bar.”

IndieReader Approved: 4.5 stars “Soares paints a frightening, realistic picture of life in a post-apocalyptic world… It’s refreshing to read a book in this vein that allows the reader to explore a protagonist’s anguish without relying on a flat, twenty-something hero.”

Reader Reviews

“This book should come with a warning: You will not be going anywhere for a while once you read the first chapter.”

“‘The Hopeless Pastures’ is a worthy sequel to ‘The Oasis of Filth’ — a story that stands on its own, but also expertly sets up the final chapter to this compelling series.”

“Boy does the author deliver. The dramatic arcs of the story are like riding a great rollercoaster.”

“Soares does a masterful job of making the situations and outcomes seem eerily plausible, which heightens the creepiness factor and suspense immensely for me.”