The Power Within

“Everyone has within himself the power to make this a better world.” ~Clayton Moore It’s this sentiment that carries through in the award-winning superhero universe from iHero Entertainment. From The Swan to the Minuteman, each of the heroes faces more than just the villain of the week. They also face their own doubts, destinies, and inner demons. “[Fradella] has taken what was once a two dimensional, four-color world and, like a mad scientist, brought forth a living, breathing monster of possibility. His work is rich with complex emotion and a childlike sense of wonder that is desperately needed in popular fiction.” ~Justin Gray / Writer: Fantastic Four, Batman The superhero anthology The Power Within contains more than 80 stories from Frank Fradella, the founder of the iHero Universe. From the very first story ever published to his work in their groundbreaking print magazine, we’ve collected nearly every story he’s written, including The Ritual of Vesta, the 2004 P&E Short Story of the Year. This is the definitive tome for those who want the essential primer on the iHero happenings.