The Reality Book: Africa: A Caribbean American couple’s 20 years of experiences living & travelling throughout…

The African Realty Book is the first in a series that will graphically describe to its readers what Africa is really like. The Authors are an American Couple of Caribbean decent who have been traveling to West Africa for the past 20 years, They have been to more than 10 countries in their 21 trips to the Continent.

After traveling throughout West Africa for 13 years, the couple decided to settle in Ghana, and make it their home base. They have resided in Ghana for the past 7 years.

This Book chronicles their experiences starting in 1995 to the present. From being caught in a march that lead to a military coup-d-tat, and getting teargassed in the Ivory Coast, to being chased by a wart hog in a nature preserve in Senegal.

The authors share their journeys from the mansions and presidential palaces of West Africa, to the mud huts of rural villages. It is a journey that will pull you in and speak to you. It is compelling, and intoxicating. It is said, you see Africa through the eyes of the one who takes you there. If the person / persons who’s eyes you see it through is a crook, your voyage will be tumultuous. If the person who takes you there is just, your voyage will be righteous. Join the Authors as they relate their journey Mother-Land.

The Reality Book is guaranteed to bring tears. Tears from Laughter, [At the crazy and funny experiences and situations outlined] Tears from pain [At the sad and heart rendering situations described] The African Reality Book will forever change the way you think of Africa.