The Settlement Saga: The Birth Of A New Way

Life in the Settlement has been flourishing now for a little over 200 years. Survival of this Utopia depends on following the rules and completely conforming to the demands of the Elders. Every one of it’s 300 Citizens has their place and function to ensure their continued survival.   Some of it’s Citizens are starting to get curious about how their world was created. Knowing nothing at all about the old world that we now inhabit, there are legends told in whispers about many things. Discontent is starting to spread itself to a few Citizens as they dare to question their very existence. Witness the birth of a New Citizen, as Stoni has her baby….and the aftermath that follows.   You should purchase my first book in this ongoing saga…”Introducing the Settlement Saga” for .99 and read it first if you haven’t already. The reader will also learn more about the legendary “Dabu.”